Whiskey Serving Rules

To get full pleasure and enjoy the ensemble of taste and aroma of whiskey, you will have to observe certain temperature conditions, choose the appropriate dishes and create the appropriate surroundings.

Whiskey is considered an aristocratic drink, it is not served at the table for washing down food. It can be an aperitif or a digestif, but always separately from the meal. Considered a masculine drink, whiskey requires restraint. No matter how feminists make noise about equality, or resent such a division of the sexes, flowers and lace napkins will be superfluous. Much more organic in the interior, where a leisurely enjoyment of whiskey is planned, leather, wood, discreet lighting look.

The drink is strong, its time comes after lunch or in the evening. This also has its effect, calming, setting up a philosophical mood and unhurried friendly communication.


The allowable backlash is very small, from 18 to 20 degrees. This is explained by the features of the composition. Warmer liquid will acquire a sharp smell of fusel oils. Deeper cooling will lead to the fact that the taste and aroma will remain undiscovered.

Choice of dishes

There are no strict rules, the advice of experts is diametrically opposed. Some believe that only low heavy cups with a thick bottom are appropriate. Others say that the aroma is well concentrated in a wine glass. Most likely, you need to follow the dictates of the soul and choose in the sideboard what is comfortable to hold in your hand. When choosing, it is worth considering that the optimal dosage of 1 serving is no more than 30–50 g.

Serving features

A bottle of a noble drink is never placed on the dining table. To do this, they cover separately a small, coffee table, near a comfortable sofa or easy chairs. Whiskey is for socializing, not for satisfying hunger.


Nobody canceled the norms of behavior in the company of noble ladies and gentlemen, and if you want to comply with them, then you should consider that:

  • In a male company, any participant in the conversation can fill the glasses.
  • At noisy parties, the drink is not served, it requires silence and relaxation.
  • If there are ladies in the company, then only the owner of the house monitors the fullness of the poured glass.
  • Light varieties are used as aperitifs, dark ones are offered after a meal.

Important: cocktail straw and whiskey are incompatible, even in the form of a cocktail.

How to drink whiskey

The strength of the drink is from 32 to 50 degrees. One glass goes well with a cigar, but longer communication will become impossible without a decent snack, even if a festive dinner has recently ended.

What do they drink with

Connoisseurs do not allow mixing drinks, arguing that a drop of pure whiskey is better than a glass of diluted one. They are right in their own way, limiting themselves to one afternoon or evening portion, sitting in a comfortable chair with a blanket on their knees and looking at the burning fireplace. But you can combine drinks. If you do it correctly, then the taste will not be lost, but will acquire new shades. Most commonly allowed:

  • cola;
  • juice;
  • coffee.

It is worth taking note: a small glass of mineral water without gas will refresh the taste possibilities when tasting several varieties.

What do they eat
Preferences vary by country, but the basics remain the same.

Light views. They are the lightest, the taste is easy to kill with a rich range. Therefore, a variety of seafood is recommended, including smoked or steamed red fish, shrimp, mussels, scallops, grilled sea cocktails with delicate sauces.

Scotch. On the table must be veal tongue, game, olives. Hard cheeses, melon, smoked fish are recognized as a good addition. Spicy sauces, a large amount of spices, citrus fruits are not allowed.

Bourbon. A juicy steak, all types of cold cuts can shade the taste. The second acceptable option would be fruit, cakes and dark chocolate. The aristocracy of the company will be emphasized by an expensive cigar and calm communication.

Japanese whiskey. Cheese and Japanese cuisine products are allowed on the table. Sushi, tofu and fish dishes will look good.