How to drink different types of whiskey

In response to this question, there will certainly be a request to clarify which variety is meant. And this is natural, since each brand has its own flavors, for which gourmets love them.

Jack Daniels
Connoisseurs are inclined to believe that spoiling the taste of the drink with additives and snacks is not worth it. Ice cubes or special chilled stones are used to maintain the temperature and reveal the taste. In cocktails, preference is given to classic recipes, such as Manhattan, and ordinary varieties are used in the composition.

White horse
Chilled water must be placed on the table. The special combination of smoky and peaty flavors in a drink sometimes needs to be neutralized after a few sips. There are no special subtleties in the use of this brand, elite varieties are drunk in its pure form, others can be diluted with apple juice or soda.

A little trick: you need to hold the first sip in your mouth a little and feel the process of opening the taste.

Red Label
It is also customary to drink it undiluted, enjoying the unique combination of peat smoke and a base aged in the special water of local sources. It contains many minerals that give the variety an easily recognizable taste. In cocktails, varieties with a minimum aging period are used, combining them with cola, coffee or juice.

In Irish pubs, it is customary to serve whiskey with a jug of crystal clear, well-chilled water. A cheese plate and smoked fish are served as an appetizer. This is where the culinary delights end, as the thoughtful enjoyment of the drink begins. Juices with a neutral taste are suitable for cocktails.

Can you drink whiskey after other drinks?

It is possible, but why? The fortress allows you to “wind up the degree” without leaving in the morning in a severe hangover. But it is worth remembering that whiskey is an aristocratic egoist and does not tolerate rivals.

Beer and whiskey are made from barley, the raw materials are similar, the combination is not bad, if you do not fall into fanaticism and do not measure pleasure by liters.

Pairing with wine is not the best option. Both drinks have an individual flavor bouquet, so there is no need to mix them. The only fact that excuses such a mix would be a transfer to another company. But then it is worth starting with wine.

After vodka, only extreme people drink whiskey. Despite the almost identical level of strength, the raw materials are different, which will definitely affect the morning well-being. And most importantly – no champagne before or after.

Whiskey Cocktails: Recipes

This type of alcohol does not tolerate rivals, its character is harsh and straightforward. Cocktail recipes do not contain complex ingredients and are easy to prepare.

It is believed that the recipe was created at the end of the 19th century, quickly became a classic and is now a must-have item on the menu of most bars. For cooking in equal proportions, they take orange and apricot juices, whiskey, and some ice. The mixture is shaken in a shaker, poured into a martinka and garnished with a cherry.

Whiskey cola
Simple to disgrace and also popular. Two ingredients are taken in equal proportions, mixed and immediately served at the table until the soda has lost its famous bubbles.

Irish coffee
More difficult to prepare, but gives an unforgettable taste experience from a combination of cream, coffee, sugar syrup, water and quality aged whiskey. First, coffee is brewed, then the rest of the ingredients are added to the finished mass and decorated with whipped cream.

Sour whiskey
In terms of popularity, it confidently stays in the top five. Made with whiskey, lemon juice and sugar syrup. They balance the taste, and whiskey enhances the resulting bouquet of fresh citrus notes and deep aroma of elite alcohol. After mixing in a shaker, the mixture is poured into a tall glass, a few drops of red wine, 2 ice cubes are added. The glass is decorated with a lemon or orange spiral.

The benefits and harms of whiskey

In most cases, strong alcohol was at first a medicine and was prescribed in drops. He perfectly relieved indigestion, healed intestinal infections, had a relaxing effect on the body and soul. The monks were the first to experience medicinal properties. In monastic hospitals, whiskey was used for disinfection, as a mild sleeping pill, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. A small therapeutic dose stimulates the work of the heart muscle, blood circulation, the speed of information perception.

When diagnosing cancerous tumors, small portions of whiskey block further cell degeneration, giving the necessary time for a course of treatment. 30 ml per day will remove phlegm from the lungs, eliminate constipation, and serve as a shield against the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

It is not the product itself that causes harm, but its excessive amount. It is also not recommended to drink alcohol for children, pregnant women, people with an unstable psyche.